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Fishing Derby

We had a great time, thanks for coming! Did you catch anything?

Thanks to all who participated in making this year's Fishing Derby a great success! Hope to see you back at the ponds next year!

Congratulations to Our Fishing Derby Winners!

Kid's Fishing Derby Winners:

Ages – 3 – 6:
1st Place – Aiden Zamora
 2nd Place – Tyler Martignoni
3rd Place – Leila Garrison

Ages – 7 -10:
1st Place – Layla Martignoni
2nd Place – Emma Stickels
3rd Place – Sophia Barron

Ages – 11 -14:
1st Place – Teagan Cerrior
2nd Place – Lucias Lara
3rd Place – Renee Hausler

Adult Derby Winners:
1st Place – Russ Frederick
2nd Place – Kyle Terry
3rd Place – Eddy Madrid

Overall Winner – Russ Frederick

SPECIAL THANKS TO The Lions Club, Kiwanis and the Beaumont Cherry Valley Water District and Rod's Bicycle Ministry

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