Instructor: Renee Calhoun      email:

 $6 per class monthly -  $8 per class walk-in

Tuesday & Thursday6:00 pm classes
Beginner Yoga Class on Tuesday at 5:30 pm

at the Cherry Valley Grange, 10478 Beaumont Ave.

Yoga workouts are designed to maximize your power, energy, and vitality. They are delivered through a series of heart-thumping, sweat-pumping workouts that will leave you trim, energized, and heart healthy.

A breakthrough workout fusing strength training and yoga. Wether you’re a novice or want to take your yoga practive to the next level, this class is designed to rev up your metabolism & stimulate lean muscle mass for maximum fat-burning & body-sculpting results.

Yoga/Pilates is suitable for people of all ages, including children. It helps to develope self-discipline and improves a person’s physical and mental health. It also improves memory and concentration through breathing exercises, and for young people it enables them to keep their natural flexibility for years.

The benefits are therapeutic both physically and mentally and it conditions the mind and body. Yoga/Pilates conditions the muscle joints making them flexible, tones the muscles, strengthens the spine, and entire core, eases back pain, correct body postures, creates balance, improves overall fitness and health, increases circulation, strengthens the heart, reduces blood sugar levels and cholesterol and assists in weight loss.

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